Brunton Clinomaster Clinometer

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Brunton Clinomaster Clinometer

The Brunton ClinoMaster height meter/clinometers represent the highest quality in precision sensitivity and durability. The ClinoMaster can measure the height, angle and scope of almost anything readable from 0-90° and 0-150°, with estimations to 0.25°. A rugged, aluminum housing has inch and mm scales. It also features a tangent table for quick height measurement, useful distance conversions and a tripod adapter hole for inclination measurement using our tripod and monopod. Optional leather case available.


Brunton Clinomaster Clinometer Features

·         Accurate to +/- 1%, readings to +/-% using the precise lens

·         Rubber line for direct azimuth/bearing readings from the side- accurate to +/-2.5°

·         Sapphire jewel bearing inside a liquid dampened vial

·         Aluminum inclinometer card with precise scales for highly accurate sighting

·         Tripod mountable

·         Overall dimensions: 3″x2.1″x0.7″

·         Weight: 4 oz

·         Left scale (any distance): (66′ distance) 0-200′ 0-105′ w/1′ resolution, 105-200′ w/5′

·         Right scale (any distance): 0-150%, 0-80%; 1% resolution, 80-150%; 2% resolution

·         Tangent scales: (0-45°)

·         Inch and mm scales: (0-2″ & 0-60mm)


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