Mini Construction Lift 300 kgs


a top-notch scope of Material Handling Equipment. Offered items go comprises of Material Handling Equipments 200kgs, Material Handling Equipment 300kgs, and Material Handling Equipment 500kgs and so forth, we are the wholesale dealer for construction lifts in hyderabad


·         Weights: up to 250 kgs 

·         Motor: 2HP 3 phase can Lift 250kgs / 3HP Three phase can Lift 250 kgs

·         Speed: 26 m/minute

·         Lifting height: 30 meters

·         Rope Pully: Bearing provided For Rope Pulley,So Less Load To Motor

·         Rope: Galvanized Rope (6x19 construction) steel rope ,16 mm Dia, 2 ton capacity strength

·         Oscillating type arm:Arm Length 6 feet for safer working conditions, customized as per customer requriment can be Rotated 360 degree

·         Rotatable Hook : Prevents stress on rope,longer rope life.

·         Top Cover:Provides safer working condition for gearbox & motor

·         Paint :2 Coats of Primer & 2 coats of enamel for Rust prevention

·         Mobility: Can be quickly assembled, dismantled and moved to another floor by 2 people

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